Our mission and strategy

The Group’s mission is to become China’s leading bespoke jewellery service provider for retail and corporate customers.
The Group targets retail customers in the 20 - 50 years age range in China. These customers are typically white-collar employees and those in the wedding industry. Corporate customers include groups and institutions seeking bespoke gifts, corporate badges and trophies. The Group’s omni-channel marketing strategy combines the Group’s sales forces and distributors, with e-commerce platforms such as www.gamfook.com, Alibaba, JD.com, WeChat and Weibo and physical stores. The Group’s “bespoke” business model allows a substantial portion of revenue to be received when orders are placed, which reduces the pressure on working capital.
The Group’s strategy is to enhance brand recognition by promoting its“Gamfook” products to customers through omni-channel. New physical stores and showrooms are planned to be launched in the future to penetrate new markets in China.
In the long term, the Group may grow its customer base and enhance its brand awareness by expanding into European countries.